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Process Analysis for Small Businesses (Part 2)


This is the second part of a series on Business Process Analysis for Small Businesses.  In the first article we discussed the question, “what problem will this solve for your business?” and the three phased approach that you should take to answer this question.  While you can go ahead and implement all kinds of technology before you answer this question, we advise not too.  The reason being, is that technology is a tool and until you know the problem you’re trying to solve you won’t really know how technology plays a role in solving the problems you’re business is facing.  Instead, we advise that you work on developing a more thorough and complete understanding of your business by analyzing what you do, how you do it and then form a strategy for how to improve it.  It is at this final stage that you can truly take advantage of what technology has to offer your business.

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Process Analysis for Small Businesses

Whenever anyone asks me to write some sort of software for them whether it be a website, or an application of any kind I always ask in response, “what problem will this solve for your business?”.  Particularly with business websites but also with other types of software for small businesses, this question is something that the client has not spent much time thinking through which then leads to a discussion much along the lines of what this series of posts is going to be about.